How much more could you pay for a bull knowing he would last 4 years? And how much better could you manage your budget and your genetics? Knowing the average longevity of bulls from most breeders, this could easily be worth $1000/bull or more. As the industry leader, breeding and raising bulls capable of holding up, lasting longer and taking tougher conditions, it is fitting that DeGrand Angus will be one of the first to raise the bar and offer a 4 year guarantee. We hope that others who claim to have bulls which can do the same will step up to the plate.

Details and conditions: All bulls selling over $2000 in the April 17th, 2020 sale will be guaranteed against injury that renders them incapable of breeding, or to be a potential breeder except the following: injuries or loss caused by motor vehicles, equipment, or trains; injury or loss caused by acts of nature/God including but not limited to: lightning, tornadoes, blizzards, freezing cold, fires, drowning; injury or loss from disease, feed intake or poisoning; any human caused injury or loss, including but not limited: nuclear, radioactive, contamination, war, invasion, acts of terrorism; confiscation, quarantine, theft; malicious or willful injury to animal; injury or loss caused by carelessness, neglect; failure to maintain good animal husbandry and management; any injury or loss caused by predation.

This guarantee only applies to original purchaser and shall not apply to any bull which has not been maintained by original purchaser at all times and for normal breeding practices and in normal breeding conditions. This guarantee only applies to bulls which are maintained at all times in accordance with rules and practices of good animal husbandry and management.

Claims shall be resolved as follows: Bulls purchase price up to $5000 less salvage value shall be credited to the purchaser toward purchase of (1) bull at following DeGrand Angus Bull sale. The credited purchase price decreases by 25% per year, after turn out to cows, or July 1st whichever is earlier. All Credits due must be used in first proceeding DeGrand Angus bull sale following injury, or will become void. Original purchaser must contact DeGrand Angus within 14 days of discovery of injury and have licensed veterinarian’s verification. If any claims are denied by DeGrand Angus, purchaser must respond with written legal explanation describing why guarantee should apply, or lose any guarantee available on bulls.